5 things you should know about child abuse
5 things you should know about child abuse
5 things you should know about child abuse

Child abuse cases can have devastating consequences for the child, the family, and society in general, so any information you have about it will always be useful. Here are 5 things you should know about this topic. 1. Child abuse or maltreatment is criminal conduct. Not only does it refer to a particular event, but it also covers a pattern of conduct that involves a non-accidental negligent action, omission, or treatment committed against a child for which there is no reasonable explanation. In addition, it involves physical and/or emotional abuse, neglect, and sexual assault. 2. Penalty for child abuse in California. Parents can be arrested for domestic violence according to the California Penal Code in its Section 273d, for example, for slapping a child with enough force to leave a mark on him or her. The penalty for a misdemeanor can be up to 1 year, and as a felony, up to 6 years, depending on the aggressor's history. 3. Reasonable suspicion. It is a legal term used in California to report child abuse. It is a suspicion that based on facts could lead to a person being accused of child abuse. 4. The CACI: for prevention and protection. The California Central Child Abuse Index, CACI, is a legal record that is made when a person is suspected of being a victim of child abuse. It is usually initiated by a mandatory informant and used by the authorities as support for the investigation, prosecution, and identification of repeat offenders or in cases of repeated abuse against a particular victim. 5. Mandatory informants. School personnel, child care providers, health care providers, emergency personnel, clergy representatives, and law enforcement officials are required by law to report their reasonable suspicions of abuse or neglect to local Child Protective Services and Agencies. All accusations, conclusive or not, will be registered in the CACI.

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