Blind spots: Hidden dangers and driving responsibilities
Blind spots: Hidden dangers and driving responsibilities
Blind spots: Hidden dangers and driving responsibilities

Blind spots: Hidden dangers and driving responsibilities

Starting to drive is quite a challenge; one of the biggest alerts from other drivers is the famous "Blind Spot" since this is the space where visibility is zero. One of the biggest mistakes when driving is making an inappropriate lane change, causing accidents. This is a clear sign that many people are unaware of the blind spots in their vehicles. Unfortunately, car accidents are just around the corner, which is why having a trusted attorney never hurts. Where are the blind spots? The field of vision of a human being is almost 180 degrees horizontally and 100 degrees vertically. Therefore, without the rearview mirror, the driver would only be able to see ahead and to the sides. The rearview mirror allows for better visibility, but the vehicle's structure still creates some obstructions, as these parts reduce the field of vision by up to 15 degrees. This is enough to hide another car. Responsibilities when driving If you are in Burbank, or anywhere in the world, you must drive carefully because by not doing so, you are endangering your life and the lives of others. One of the forms of risk is the proper use of rearview mirrors since these offer greater visibility that reduces and provides more safety when turning or changing lanes. The side mirrors serve to observe the left and right angles as long as they are correctly positioned. Therefore, it is imperative to use them before making any maneuver or lane change. Get more out of your side mirrors with these tips:

  • Properly adjust the position of the seat and the rearview mirrors.
  • Mirrors should always be clean and without anything that obstructs visibility.
  • Try not to drive into the blind spot of other vehicles such as trucks.

Remember that if you are in Burbank, California, we can help you if you have a traffic accident.

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