Can I collect money even though I am partially responsible in an accident?
Can I collect money even though I am partially responsible in an accident?
Can I collect money even though I am partially responsible in an accident?

Burbank, a city known for having thousands of entertainment and information companies, has one of the highest traffic rates in the country, leading to the city experiencing a high rate of traffic accidents. This is why the legal system that governs traffic in the state of California is compensation for fault. For this reason, if you have suffered a crash, you must prove that the other driver was the cause of it. In this city you must know the rules of comparative negligence. In other words, each driver must pay the percentage of fault that they have for the damages caused in the traffic accident. It means that you may have been involved in an accident and your vehicle has been collided by the other driver. However, you may have been partially to blame for the accident. In this case, if the other driver has been 70% at fault and you the remaining 30%, then each of you will have to pay the damages for the aforementioned percentage. You're probably wondering if you can collect money if you've been partially at fault in an auto incident, and relatively yes. As mentioned above, those involved in the accident must pay their share of responsibility, whether it is a higher or lower percentage. How is liability or culpability determined? In Burbank, as in the state of California, traffic laws establish the basis for determining who has acted negligently in a traffic accident or collision. A negligent driver is a person who did not exercise the minimum care while driving. What can be taken to identify a negligent driver? Distractions, drug or alcohol intoxication, car breakdowns and if the driver has not respected the traffic signals, before the accident, are included. To finish, the answer is a resounding yes, yes you can collect money for a traffic accident if you have been partially at fault. This will depend on what you have to pay for the damages from the accident and what the other driver has to pay.

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