Dos and Don'ts When Dealing With a Hit-and-Run Accident
Dos and Don'ts When Dealing With a Hit-and-Run Accident
Dos and Don'ts When Dealing With a Hit-and-Run Accident

Dos and Don'ts When Dealing With a Hit-and-Run Accident

Were you driving home after a long day when suddenly, another car slammed into yours and sped off into the distance? What should you do next? The Law Offices of Andrew Zeytuntsyan understand the turmoil a hit-and-run accident can cause, and we're here to guide you through it. Continue reading below to learn what to do to boost your chances of a successful outcome.

Ensuring Your Safety

The initial moments after a hit-and-run accident are critical. Your first priority should always be safety. Move to a safe location, away from traffic, to prevent further incidents. Turn on the hazard lights and, if possible, set up reflective triangles or flares to increase visibility. Staying calm and collected during these moments is essential for handling the situation effectively.

Capturing Critical Information

Once you’re in a safe place, it’s time to gather as much information as possible. Take photos of the damage to your vehicle, the area around the accident, and any skid marks or debris left by the fleeing vehicle. If there are witnesses, ask for their contact information and see if they can provide statements about what they saw. Documenting these details can bolster your case and assist law enforcement in tracking down the perpetrator.

Contacting the Authorities

Call 911 immediately to report the hit-and-run and provide as much detail as possible about the incident and the fleeing vehicle. An official police report will be necessary for any insurance claims and can serve as vital evidence if the case goes to court. Be sure to obtain a copy of the report for your records.

Staying at the Scene

It's natural to feel shaken after an accident, but it's important to stay at the scene until the authorities arrive. Leaving the scene prematurely can lead to legal complications and may even be interpreted as a hit-and-run on your part. Stay put, keep calm, and wait for the police to arrive and complete their report.

Remaining Cautious About Admissions

After an accident, emotions can run high, and it's tempting to express regret or speculate about what happened. However, avoid admitting fault or making any statements that could be misconstrued as taking responsibility for the accident. Stick with the facts when speaking to the police and your insurance company, and let the investigation determine the fault.

Trusting Your Documentation Over Your Memory

Memories can be unreliable, especially after a traumatic event. Rather than relying solely on your recollection of the accident, make sure to write down everything you remember as soon as possible. Include details about the time, location, weather conditions, and any other relevant information. This written account will be more reliable than your memory and can serve as a valuable reference as the case progresses.

Avoiding Vigilante Actions

The urge to chase down the hit-and-run driver can be strong, but it’s important to resist this impulse. Pursuing the fleeing vehicle can lead to dangerous situations and further accidents. Instead, focus on gathering information and letting the authorities handle the pursuit. Your safety and the safety of others should always be the top priority.

Finding a Personal Injury Attorney

An attorney can help you handle the challenges of your case to make sure that you receive the compensation you deserve. Look for attorneys with experience in hit-and-run cases. You should verify the attorney’s credentials and ensure they are licensed to practice. It’s also a good idea to schedule an initial consultation with the personal injury lawyer to discuss your case and assess if they are a good fit.

Do You Need a Personal Injury Attorney for Your Hit and Run?

Dealing with a hit-and-run accident is undoubtedly stressful. If you find yourself in such a predicament, remember that the Law Offices of Andrew Zeytuntsyan are here to support you. Our legal team is dedicated to helping you through every step of the process so that your rights are protected. For immediate assistance and professional legal advice, contact us today and schedule a consultation with a personal injury lawyer near you.

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