Drowsy Driving vs. Drunk Driving
Drowsy Driving vs. Drunk Driving
Drowsy Driving vs. Drunk Driving

Drowsy Driving vs. Drunk Driving

Although there are clear differences between driving under the influence of alcohol and driving without having slept or rested enough, in California, both behaviors can be classified as reckless driving with the consequent legal sanctions for those who incur this type of practice. A person drives recklessly when he or she knowingly fails to consider his or her safety or the safety of others, is not careful of the rules, or stops to assess the risks and the possible damage to public or private property. Drowsy and fatigued driving can cause a driver to, for example, ignore red traffic lights or traffic signals, drive in zigzags or ride on sidewalks. These actions are considered reckless driving and can be a misdemeanor subject to fines and imprisonment. Similarly, reckless driving while drunk or under the influence of drugs (DUI) also carries more severe penalties. In California, drivers under 21 are prohibited from consuming alcohol. A blood alcohol level equal to or greater than 0.08 indicates that a driver is intoxicated; above 0.16, there is an aggravating factor. Sanctions The punishment for reckless driving depends on the circumstances in which the events occur. It is taken into consideration if people were injured, if there is property damage, if it is the first time that the driver incurs in this type of behavior or if, on the contrary, he is a repeat offender.

  • It carries a fine of up to $1,000 and/or imprisonment for between 5 and 90 days when prosecuted as a misdemeanor. In addition to criminal penalties, reckless driving can seriously affect a driver's record. California's point system can lead to a negligent driver losing their license or being placed on probation.
  • If the accident causes minor or severe injuries to another person, it can be a felony, which can carry up to three years in prison and/or payment of a fine amounting to $10,000.

If you find yourself in a situation involving a reckless driver and personal injuries, the timely guidance of a lawyer is vital. A specialized lawyer will carry out a complete evaluation of your case and offer you the recommendation that best suits your needs. Our firm specializes in personal injury cases; call us if you need help.

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