How Airbags Help But Also Hurt in Car Accidents
How Airbags Help But Also Hurt in Car Accidents
How Airbags Help But Also Hurt in Car Accidents

How Airbags Help But Also Hurt in Car Accidents

At the Law Offices of Andrew Zeytuntsyan, we offer professional legal services for clients who have suffered from injuries, including those that occur during a car accident. When we talk about car safety, airbags almost always become part of the conversation. They are a vital safety feature that has revolutionized automotive safety standards. However, despite the protection they offer, airbags can also pose potential risks under certain circumstances. If you want to avoid accidents and the need to hire a personal injury lawyer, keep reading. You’ll learn how airbags help and hurt in car accidents, so you can avoid possible dangers.

The Lifesaving Impact of Airbags

Airbags unquestionably save lives. They act as a buffer between the occupants and the car's interior, preventing serious injuries during a collision. Airbags deploy within milliseconds after a crash, inflating quickly to cushion and distribute the impact force over a larger area. This process helps to prevent occupants from violently hitting the steering wheel, dashboard, or windshield, thus mitigating the severity of potential injuries.

The Potential Risk: Airbag-Related Injuries

Despite their critical role in preserving life during an accident, airbags can also contribute to injuries. The deployment force of airbags can cause abrasions, burns, and even fractures, especially if the occupant is too close to the airbag at the time of inflation. Certain conditions, like improper seating position or the presence of small children in the front seat, can further increase these risks.

Proper Use of Airbags: Maximizing Safety

Understanding how to use airbags properly is needed in order to reduce the risk of injuries. This requires maintaining an appropriate distance from the airbag cover, positioning the steering wheel correctly, and ensuring all occupants are correctly buckled up. It is strongly recommended that children under 13 years sit in the back seat to avoid potential harm from airbag deployment. Individuals should always sit upright and avoid leaning toward the dashboard or steering wheel, as this can increase the risk of injury. Regularly checking and maintaining your vehicle's airbag system can also help.

Dealing with Airbag-Induced Injuries

If, unfortunately, you suffer an airbag-related injury, it's important that you seek medical attention immediately. Some injuries might not be apparent immediately but can have long-term health implications. You should also seek legal advice from a reputable personal injury attorney if you believe that a faulty airbag caused your injury. Documenting the injury with photographs and immediate medical reports can provide evidence if legal action becomes necessary. Keep in mind, vehicle manufacturers are obligated to ensure their safety devices, including airbags, function correctly, and they may be held liable for any harm due to defects or malfunctions.

Are You Searching for a Personal Injury Lawyer?

Airbags, while a groundbreaking safety feature, come with their own set of risks. If you’ve been injured by a faulty airbag or have been involved in a car accident, call the Law Offices of Andrew Zeytuntsyan today. Our friendly staff can answer any questions you have and can also schedule an appointment for a consultation with a qualified and experienced personal injury attorney.

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