How to act in case of serious injury?
How to act in case of serious injury?
How to act in case of serious injury?

The diversification of work in Burbank, California has led to increased risks of serious workplace accidents. For this reason, it is mandatory for all company workers to be aware of what to do in the event that you or a co-worker suffers a serious accident. State law protects you and guides you to receive emergency care, but you must follow some steps so that nothing happens to the elderly. In order for you to feel safe in your workplace, employers must take all appropriate measures in terms of prevention and insurance of work emergencies, since the laws of our state require it. If you have suffered a serious work accident while in the city of Burbank, California, you should know that our lawyers are specialists in work accidents and are the ones who will guide you to obtain your legal compensation. If a serious or fatal accident has occurred in your workplace, the employer is obliged to suspend the day in which the accident occurred and evacuate due to the risk of the same accident or another happening again. This applies in the case of fire or electrocution, for example. If there is an injured person who requires rescue or resuscitation, employees who know first aid must intervene to save the life of the affected person. If they do not know how to apply first aid, they must reassure the victim (if he is conscious) until the emergency services arrive. The person must move from the accident site if there is an external risk to his life, for example, a flood, a fire or if he will come into contact with corrosive substances. After the hazards that caused the serious workplace accident are controlled, the employer is allowed to recall the workers if they are properly equipped. Finally, both workers and employers are obliged to inform the corresponding medical and occupational safety services. They are the ones who will authorize the reactivation of the work tasks if there is no longer any danger that another minor, moderate or serious accident may occur.

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