How to proceed legally in the event of a car accident? Know all the details here.
How to proceed legally in the event of a car accident? Know all the details here.
How to proceed legally in the event of a car accident? Know all the details here.

To protect your fellow citizens, your priority after a car accident is to obtain the necessary medical treatment for the driver and passengers and notify the emergency services if another person is involved in the accident. The next step will be to take action to file a claim for damages to achieve the best possible compensation for a California car accident for your injuries and other losses.   Types of damage   A car accident injury claim can recover losses for:  

  • Economic damages: they are determined by the actual cost needed to compensate the plaintiff for medical attention, treatment, and medicines; rehabilitation and/or therapy; repair or replacement of property; lost wages or future earnings.
  • Non-economic damages: Pain and suffering, loss or disfigurement of limbs, emotional stress, loss of company, and others.

  What to do after a car accident?   That depends on the severity of the accident, the parties involved, and other aspects, it is usually recommended to:  

  • Call the police and report the accident to the California Department of Motor Vehicles no later than ten days after the fact.
  • Document the accident with photographs and videos of the scene, accident conditions, injuries, as well as witness testimony.
  • Obtain contact information for the drivers involved and their vehicles.
  • Make sure medical records carefully document related injuries and losses, if applicable.
  • Call your insurance company and/or consult a law firm.

  How to file a claim?                                                    You have to prove the negligence of the responsible party. For this, it is necessary to have their identification data, insurance company and, other evidence in the form of the documents already mentioned.   Next, send a letter to the insurance provider with arguments and evidence that support the claim and the demands of the requested compensation.   Ideally, the responsible driver and his insurance company should be informed of the legal action if there could be a negotiation. Finally, keep in mind that legal help can increase the chances of a successful negotiation since these claims processes can be complex. Many insurance companies have experienced litigants at their service.

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