How to Report Dog Bites in California?
How to Report Dog Bites in California?
How to Report Dog Bites in California?

How to Report Dog Bites in California?

California has a high rate of dog bite accidents, and sadly, dog bite deaths. Southern California especially has extremely high dog bite rates. For example, the San Diego County Department of Animal Services investigates more than 2,500 dog bite cases each year.

Dog bite laws in California favor the victim and hold pet owners responsible when their dog attacks someone else. Often, victims are eligible for compensation for their injuries. In order to pursue compensation, however, the dog bite must be reported.

How to Report a Dog Bite in California

It is important to report a dog bite to the appropriate parties. In the immediate aftermath of the attack, you may be in the hospital or at least in the process of medical treatment. Aside from reporting how the accident occurred to your doctor, here is how to report a dog bite in California:

·        Contact your County Health Department - If possible, identify the dog. If it is a stray, try to remember as much of a description as you can.

·        Contact Animal Control - Contact animal control and provide information about where the attack occurred. Again, identify the dog if possible. If you cannot identify it, provide as much information as possible.

·        Contact Law Enforcement - Most cities and counties have laws related to keeping animals properly secured. Contact law enforcement and let them know where the attack occurred. Complete a police report at the scene if possible, or as soon as you can after the attack.

Contact the dog bite lawyers at AZ Legal to find out more about your legal rights and possible options for filing a civil claim against negligent pet owners. 

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