Injuries to third parties | Everything you need to know
Injuries to third parties | Everything you need to know
Injuries to third parties | Everything you need to know

Just as we are not exempt from being the victim of an accident, neither are we free to cause one. Although it is not intended to hurt, sometimes we can cause harm to other people both in work environments and in other areas of life. What you should know if you are to blame for the injury of a third party is that the law does not abandon you just because you have made a mistake, since it also contemplates the defense of this type of case. It can happen to anyone There are some examples that we can describe. In Burbank, California, traffic accidents are prevalent because it is a city full of businesses of all kinds, especially entertainment and information, so highway and street congestion is very common. In a moment of distraction or trying to get to your destination faster, you may not see someone or confuse the proximity of your car, causing unintentional damage to a third party. Who is considered guilty? City laws blame the most negligent driver, as in most cases. The most basic negligence is that of a person who is under the influence of a drug, who must proceed to pay all the damage caused. However, suppose this is not the scenario. In that case, the one who caused the damage due to carelessness or unintentionally must still pay the highest percentage of damages, but since his guilt is not excessive or intentional, he can also receive some compensation for the problems he ended up having by the accident. The amount of compensation will depend on how much the driver who caused the situation is willing to pay. Attorneys like our firm AZ Legal Injury Attorneys in Burbank are experts in these cases. In either case, the important thing is that you do not feel abandoned by the law. It is always there to serve you!

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