Know the types of compensation according to your injury!
Know the types of compensation according to your injury!
Know the types of compensation according to your injury!

Know the types of compensation according to your injury!

We use the term personal injury when someone is physically or mentally damaged or injured by the actions or negligence of another natural or legal person. Under these circumstances, personal injury law allows victims to file suit to demand compensation for injuries and other damages suffered. Factors to consider The type and monetary value of compensation that can be received for a personal injury have to do with:

  • The severity of the injuries, where the accident occurred, or whether a fatality occurred
  • The degree of culpability of those involved in the accident
  • The cost and type of medical-hospital treatment, the prognosis of surgeries, recovery, or rehabilitation
  • Past and future lost earnings and/or wages and the forecast of returning to work
  • Among others.

Types of compensation Based on the above factors, the type of personal injury compensation may include: Medical and hospital expenses It corresponds to the expenses for medical treatment, surgeries, hospitalization, medicines, examinations, transport and ambulance services, professional fees of doctors and nurses of the injured party. Future medical / rehabilitation expenses When the plaintiff requires medical attention, he or she continues needing it for a long time or requires rehabilitation therapy. Personal injury Past and future. It refers to the expenses that the injured person has to cover to pay support personnel that they did not need before their injuries, for example, the payment for domestic cleaning, the care, and attention of children, home nurses, or others. Lost wages It refers to the income that was lost due to being out of work from the time of the accident, the time that he or she will be out of work in the future, the decrease in earning capacity due to a change of profession due to the injury, and other losses.  Pain and suffering It includes payment for damages that cause loss of enjoyment of life, mental anguish, physical pain, suffering due to disability, disfigurement, death, etc. Material damage If there is property damage, for example as a result of a car accident, monetary compensation is possible.

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