Motorcyclists: Run Higher Risk from Driverless Cars
Motorcyclists: Run Higher Risk from Driverless Cars
Motorcyclists: Run Higher Risk from Driverless Cars

Motorcyclists: Run Higher Risk from Driverless Cars

There has been a lot of talk recently about safety features in driverless cars. These features are supposed to recognize and respond to hazards more efficiently than humans. Unfortunately, alert and responsive drivers are still necessary in order to reduce certain risks.

For example, motorcyclists may be more at risk than ever. Driverless cars may not adequately recognize a motorcycle, and thus may not respond. The recognition features in most driverless cars are designed to detect other vehicles, not motorcycles, bicycles, or pedestrians.

One company, AI Cybernetic Self-Driving Car Institute, is hoping to improve safety for motorcyclists who drive around driverless cars. Having recognized that most autonomous safety features do not detect motorcycles, AI is developing new safety features with that in mind. AI is addressing factors relevant to motorcyclists, such as:

·         Emergency Lanes

·         Lane Splitting

·         HOV Lanes

·         Intersections

·         Stop Sign Rolling

It is promising that AI is recognizing the risk and working toward reducing it. Motorcycles are vulnerable when up against automobiles. An estimated 13% of auto accident victims are motorcyclists. This number is significant, but the suggestion of any increase in that number is alarming.


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