How is LAX Rideshare Lot Holding up Against Traffic?
How is LAX Rideshare Lot Holding up Against Traffic?
How is LAX Rideshare Lot Holding up Against Traffic?

How is LAX Rideshare Lot Holding up Against Traffic?

Travelers heading into or out of Southern California often do so through the Los Angeles International Airport, or LAX. Like the rest of Los Angeles, LAX is known for traffic congestion. In an effort to combat congestion, LAX officials recently opted to ban rideshare vehicles from parking curbside outside of the terminals. Instead, rideshare vehicles are to use the newly assigned LAX-it parking lot.

Now, travelers will meet shuttle buses outside the terminal rather than Uber or Lyft vehicles. These shuttles will carry travelers and cargo to the LAX-it lot, where rideshare drivers can pick them up. While this may seem like an ideal solution to traffic congestion, the LAX-it lot launch has not been without its challenges.

According to news reports, travelers were furious in the first days and weeks of the LAX-it lot being open. Some travelers endured hour-long shuttle trips while others battled harsh weather conditions while walking to the lot. Since then, officials have announced plans to extend the lot and optimize shuttle services.

Ultimately, the goal is to reduce traffic congestion and shorten wait times outside of the LAX terminals. LAX is currently building an automated people mover, but it will not be ready for use until 2023. In the meantime, travelers through LAX should expect a bit of chaos and uncertainty as LAX staff and rideshare and taxi drivers get used to the new LAX-it lot and procedures.

Now, if only Los Angeles officials could find a way to reduce traffic congestion on local freeways.

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