Road Safety Tips for St. Patrick's Day
Road Safety Tips for St. Patrick's Day
Road Safety Tips for St. Patrick's Day

Road Safety Tips for St. Patrick’s Day

If you are traveling, visiting a local bar that is still open in your community, or enjoying the holiday with family and friends, remember to be safe on the road. Holidays are considered high traffic times, and generally accident rates are higher. Also, holidays generally cause an uptick in the number of accidents caused by alcohol. To stay safe on the road, the NHTSA reminds you to:

  •         Plan ahead by assigning a designated driver or scheduling an Uber or Lyft before you begin celebrating.
  •         Leave your keys at home if you plan to leave the house.
  •         If you are planning to stay sober, commit to it and follow through. Others may be counting on you.
  •         Use public transportation to get around, but make sure not to touch your face while riding and wash your hands after.
  •         If someone you know gets behind the wheel while intoxicated, take their keys and help them make other arrangements.
  •         Do not get in the car with anyone who is intoxicated.
  •         Do not attempt to walk around town if you have been drinking. Alcohol impairs your ability to react and make decisions. This can be deadly for pedestrians.

This year, many people will be staying home on St. Patrick's Day and celebrating with a smaller group of close friends and family. While you may not be on the road this holiday, remember that your guests may be. Help your guests be safe this St. Patrick's Day by doing the following:

  •         Make sure there is adequate food and water available to offset the effects of alcohol.
  •         Do not allow your friends to leave your house drunk, unless they are in a taxi, Uber or Lyft, or have a designated driver.

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