Unexpected Symptoms Of Concussion
Unexpected Symptoms Of Concussion
Unexpected Symptoms Of Concussion

Unexpected Symptoms Of Concussion

A concussion is usually caused by a blow to the head that shakes the brain inside the skull. We commonly associate concussions with headaches, dizziness, or even brief loss of consciousness. However, this isn't the full picture. Concussions can also provoke unexpected, subtle symptoms that may be overlooked but are equally significant. Awareness and understanding of these symptoms can lead to early detection and appropriate medical intervention. At the Law Offices of Andrew Zeytuntsyan, we know how important it is for those suffering from injury to remain aware of the symptoms. Read below to learn more about some of these less-recognized, yet critical, signs of concussion.

Altered Palate

Our senses of smell and taste are more connected to our brains than we might think. A concussion can sometimes interfere with these senses. Imagine sipping your favorite cup of coffee and not being able to taste it or walking into a bakery and being unable to smell the freshly baked bread. These changes occur because the brain injury can affect the nerve cells responsible for these senses or the areas of the brain that interpret sensory information. While these symptoms may seem less severe than others, they can affect a person's quality of life and are worth noting.

Brain Fog

Another unexpected aftermath of a concussion can be cognitive disturbances. These issues may manifest as difficulty focusing, forgetfulness, or trouble with mental tasks that were previously easy, like balancing a checkbook or following a recipe. This so-called "brain fog" happens because brain trauma affects cognitive processing. Recognizing these signs is important because they can interfere with day-to-day activities and might affect work or school performance. If you're having trouble thinking clearly or struggling with memory after a head injury, don't brush it off. Consult with a healthcare provider to discuss these symptoms and devise a plan for care and recovery.

Nighttime Troubles

A healthy sleep cycle is necessary for overall well-being, and it plays an important role in recovery from any injury, including concussions. Following a concussion, individuals might experience sleep disturbances ranging from insomnia (difficulty falling or staying asleep) to hypersomnia (excessive sleepiness), or even changes in sleep patterns. This disruption in sleep is because the concussion can affect the brain's sleep-regulating mechanisms.


Many individuals who have suffered a concussion find themselves unusually sensitive to light and noise. This condition, also known as sensory hyper-reactivity, can make it uncomfortable to be in brightly lit environments or areas with loud sounds. It occurs when the concussion makes the brain's sensory pathways more reactive. This hyper-sensitivity can make daily activities challenging and can be particularly disruptive for students in a busy school environment or adults in a noisy workplace. Interventions such as wearing sunglasses or earplugs, reducing screen time, or modifying the environment can help manage these symptoms.

Get Medical Attention

If you experience any of these symptoms following a head injury, remember: it's important to consult with a healthcare provider. Everyone's experience with concussion is unique, and a professional can provide the appropriate care and guidance tailored to your situation. After all, when it comes to health, it's always better to be safe than sorry.

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