What can happen to your brain in a motorcycle accident?
What can happen to your brain in a motorcycle accident?
What can happen to your brain in a motorcycle accident?

What can happen to your brain in a motorcycle accident? 

All people who walk the streets of California have the responsibility to take the necessary preventive measures to protect their physical integrity. This especially applies to motorcyclists because they are at higher risk of suffering catastrophic injuries when involved in a traffic accident. The risk of injury in an accident is increased because motorcycles offer less protection. In a motorcycle collision, the driver is often thrown from the vehicle, and his head forcefully strikes the pavement, causing his brain to collide with the skull. Consequently, brain functions can be affected. This is what is known as a traumatic brain injury. The brain is a soft tissue that floats inside the skull and is surrounded by a shock-absorbing liquid shell that protects it from impact. When one suffers a strong blow to the head, the brain can be deformed, or the nerves can lose their structure, causing bleeding and swelling. Additionally, if the skull is fractured, the damage can be severe and even lead to death. The use of a helmet greatly protects motorcyclists from this type of injury because it can absorb a large part of the impact. However, injuries can happen even when the driver is wearing a helmet. At the time of the crash, the victim may experience symptoms that alert to a possible severe brain injury. Some signs to watch out for are:

  • Temporary or prolonged loss of consciousness and memory
  • Feeling disoriented or having a lack of clarity of ideas
  • Vomiting
  • Suffering a visible loss of balance
  • Experiencing lack of coordination in language and movements

For this reason, medical evaluation is vital after suffering a traffic accident, even when there are no visible injuries. Sometimes traumatic brain injuries do not manifest at the time of the accident but rather later when inflammation and/or hemorrhages occur. In these cases, as in any other personal injury case, it is crucial to have the support of a specialized attorney. This can help clarify where the responsibility for the accident lies and the possibility of receiving compensation. Compensation can be of the utmost importance when receiving medical attention, treatments, and in the event of long-term or permanent complications.

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