What Causes Most Truck Accidents?
What Causes Most Truck Accidents?
What Causes Most Truck Accidents?

What Causes Most Truck Accidents?

Trucks are the big guys on the road, and truck accidents can have devastating consequences, often resulting in severe injuries and loss of life. There are a thousand-and-one ways a truck accident can unfold. When it comes to personal injury claims, understanding the common causes of truck accidents is vital, as it helps establish liability and seek fair compensation. In this article brought to you by the Law Offices of Andrew Zeytuntsyan, we explore some of the frequent causes of truck accidents and discuss their implications in personal injury claims.

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Trucks are enormous, weighing up to 80,000 pounds, and they require more time and distance to stop due to their size and weight. They are also incredibly sensitive to maneuver. When truck drivers drive too fast or engage in reckless behaviors like aggressive lane changing or tailgating, they put themselves and others at risk.

Personal injury claims stemming from accidents caused by speeding or reckless driving usually focus on establishing negligence and proving the driver’s actions directly caused the injuries.


It is the trucker’s responsibility to make sure the truck is safe to drive on the road. Inadequate truck maintenance can have catastrophic consequences. Failed brakes, worn-out tires, malfunctioning lights, or other mechanical issues can lead to loss of control, tire blowouts, or other accidents.


A single truck can haul tens of thousands of pounds of cargo, and that load must be properly loaded and securely fastened. Improperly loaded or secured cargo can lead to truck accidents. Shifting cargo can destabilize the truck, causing the driver to lose control. Overloaded trucks, meanwhile, can experience difficulties in braking and maneuvering, increasing the risk of accidents.


One of the leading causes of truck accidents is driver fatigue. Fatigued drivers have slower reaction times, impaired judgment, and are more prone to falling asleep behind the wheel. Commercial truck drivers often face demanding schedules and long hours on the road, which can result in sleep deprivation and exhaustion, but this is no excuse to put lives at risk.

Similarly, distractions such as using mobile devices, eating, grooming, or reading can divert a truck driver’s attention from the road, leading to collisions.


Truck accidents can be a mess, but our attorneys exhibit remarkable attention to detail. Our attorneys investigate the scene for skid marks, tire tracks, and debris patterns, and they extract information from the black box, eyewitness testimony, and video footage if available. We work hard – and smart – to uncover negligence and misconduct. You should not have to pay the price for a truck driver’s mistakes.

Call the Law Offices of Andrew Zeytuntsyan to consult with a personal injury lawyer today. Let’s work together to make sure justice prevails and irresponsible parties are held accountable.

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