What if there are multiple people injured in an accident?
What if there are multiple people injured in an accident?
What if there are multiple people injured in an accident?

What if there are multiple people injured in an accident?

It is easy to see how someone injured in an auto accident would primarily look out for his or her own best interests. After all, insurance claims, medical care and lost income are all very difficult obstacles to overcome. Few people, however, consider what the aftermath of an auto accident looks like when there are multiple parties injured.

What Happens when Multiple People are Injured in an Accident?

When an accident occurs and multiple parties are injured, those parties have the option of working together, or if they cannot agree, filing separate claims. Even if multiple parties file separate claims, they may quickly discover that they are all drawing from the same insurance policy, and therefore, are all drawing from the same amount of money.

Look at it this way - An insurance policy sets an amount for liability insurance, and often includes a set amount of coverage for bodily injury. If a driver has three passengers and all three are injured in an auto accident, then all three can file a claim against the driver's insurance. If the total amount of coverage the driver has is $50,000, then any people who are injured in the accident will have to split that amount. If the coverage amount is less than the total cost of the injuries, then the claimants (victims) will have the option of a settlement agreement with the insurance company.

If the parties cannot agree on a settlement amount for each of them, then the insurance company may deny the claim altogether. If the insurance company refuses to settle with any of the injured parties, then each will have to decide whether they will file a lawsuit against the driver.

It is a tricky situation when multiple people are injured in an accident because the chances that each injury is worth the same amount of money are slim. Of course, each injured party deserves compensation that is fair according to what they have suffered and lost.

Any time there is an accident involving multiple injuries, the victims should contact a skilled personal injury attorney to find out their best options for getting compensation.

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