What is the most common cause of a car-motorcycle crash in Burbank, CA?
What is the most common cause of a car-motorcycle crash in Burbank, CA?
What is the most common cause of a car-motorcycle crash in Burbank, CA?

Preventive education is one of the best ways to avoid any type of traffic accident. For this reason, it is beneficial to know the most common causes of collisions between a car and a motorcycle since all drivers are co-responsible for road safety, and this scenario can occur regularly on our roads and highways. Generally, when an accident involving a car and a motorcycle occurs, the motorcycle driver is the one who is most at risk. This is due to the motorcycle's characteristics, making its driver prone to greater vulnerability in this type of event. The most common cause of a collision between a car and a motorcycle is changing lanes without checking the blind spot. When the car driver has fails to check the blind spot and consequently does not see a motorcyclist in the neighboring lane, the car driver can cause an accident by colliding with the motorcycle or driving it off the road. There are specific points on the road drivers of any vehicle cannot see from the side or rearview mirrors. These are known as the blind spot or blind angle. In the case of automobiles, blind spots are located on both sides of the vehicle. Similarly, motorcycles are more difficult to see due to their size, especially if the driver has little experience or drives without sufficient caution. Many motorcyclists, especially the more experienced ones, are aware of being extra careful to avoid cars' blind spots; however, it is sometimes difficult to avoid them in places like Burbank, where traffic is heavy and congested. Another of the most frequent causes of collisions between motorcycles and cars is left turns by vehicles in front of oncoming motorcyclists. Although there can be many scenarios and factors to consider in this type of crash, typically, the vehicle that is going straight ahead in its lane is the one that has the right of way. It is crucial to drive with caution and always be aware of other drivers, especially those who may be more exposed and vulnerable. Information and caution can prevent accidents and save lives. 

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