Why Is Hiring a Truck Accident Injury Attorney Crucial to My Case?
Why Is Hiring a Truck Accident Injury Attorney Crucial to My Case?
Why Is Hiring a Truck Accident Injury Attorney Crucial to My Case?

Why Is Hiring a Truck Accident Injury Attorney Crucial to My Case?

Approximately 6 million car accidents occur every year on U.S. roads, and truck accidents are notoriously deadly. Many wrongful death lawsuits come from truck accidents compared to other types of auto accidents, and the injuries sustained in a truck accident are normally far more extensive or permanent than what victims receive in an auto accident. The severity of a truck accident's aftermath is exactly why it's important to reach out to a truck accident injury attorney when filing your personal injury claim. Not convinced just yet? Here are a few key reasons why hiring a truck accident injury attorney is crucial.

You Have a Greater Chance of Proving Negligence

To receive compensation in any type of personal injury case, you need to prove the accident occurred because of the defendant's negligence or intent to harm. If you can't prove the truck driver caused the accident in your truck accident injury case, you may not be able to receive the compensation you deserve. To stand a chance in receiving your compensation, it's in your best interest to hire a truck accident injury attorney. A truck accident injury attorney has the experience to argue the defendant's negligence or intent to harm with evidence to back up the claim. On your own, you may not know how to show that the defendant was negligent. However, lawyers know to look for four things:

  1. The owing of a legal duty by the defendant
  2. A breach in that legal duty by the defendant
  3. Causation (or the action or inaction of a defendant) that led to the plaintiff's injuries
  4. Damages (the extent the victim or plaintiff was harmed by the defendant)

Should your truck accident injury attorney be able to win your case, you may be able to receive compensation including economic compensation to cover your medical bills, rehabilitation costs, and the money you lost due to your injury. Non-economic damages are more subjective and typically cover pain and suffering or the mental and physical anguish brought on by the accident.

It's More Affordable Than You Think

You do not have to pay a truck accident injury attorney or a personal injury law firm until a settlement has been reached or you have won your personal injury case. Up to 96% of personal injury cases are settled before going to trial. Should you win your personal injury case, your truck accident injury will be given a percentage of the settlement. Therefore, filing a personal injury lawsuit is one of the most affordable ways to handle a legal claim. However, keep in mind that there is a statute of limitations on PI cases. If you intend to file a bodily injury claim or wrongful death claim in a truck injury case, you typically have a two-year deadline. Have you been injured in a personal injury accident? We have the truck accident injury attorneys you need. To learn more about our legal services or to schedule a consultation, contact the law offices of AZ Legal today.

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